About Us

Whiskeyjack Art House is an Indigenous owned and operated arts boutique that supports Indigenous arts, artisans, and cultural experiences, as well as local businesses that respects the environment and all its living relatives. The gallery space can be rented for small Indigenous cultural and dialogue gatherings surrounded by visual stories of profound Indigenous art, fed by indigenous fusion cuisine. 

We value supporting helpful respectful conversations, learning experiences of being a better human relative of the land.

Our space: The Indigenous space is inspired by the art deco architecture with an Indigenous aesthetic quality. Please inquire about renting the space for gatherings of up to 20 people.

What do we sell: 

  • Indigenous contemporary art
  • Indigenous Traditional arts
  • Indigenous made jewelry and gifts
  • Indigenous and local sourced products (tea, honey, jams, soaps, blankets) 

What else do we do: 

  • We have art exhibitions that promote Indigenous artists, Indigenous knowing and ways of being 
  • Indigenous cuisine pop-ups
  • Meeting and event space (limit so small numbers)
  • Host small learning gatherings on how to be better relatives and human-beings of this land
  • Each month we will have how to be a better human teachings from beautiful thinkers.