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A new exhibition 'Walks With Buffalo' by Terrence McGilvery opens June 23 at the Whiskeyjack Art House, Edmonton, AB. The exhibition features 15 acrylic paintings that will be on display until August 14. Artist talk will be June 23, 2021. Walk-in and no admission fee! 

"When I paint, I walk with buffalo. Even though I am bound to a wheelchair, I spiritually walks with the buffalo and that is all that matters. The buffalo chose me. The buffalo gives me strength and wisdom to do what I do, create what I create. When I am creating, I am actually walking spiritually with the buffalo, I think of how it was a long time ago. I can hear a drum, singing, and buffalo walking around. I can hear them breathing. Then the paint flows out of me into a story." 

 Terence McGilvery is 43 years old from Saddle Lake Cree Nation. He is the 7th sibling out of 8 children. His parents are Jenny and Late Howard McGilvery. Terence always had an interest in art since he was a young boy. When Terence was 18 years old he won a logo art contest for the Saddle Lake Pow-wow and they have been using it ever since. Terence was also an natural athlete with floor hockey being his favorite sport to play. Unfortunately, Terence’s goals and ambitions had come to an abrupt end at the age of 19. It was in the summer of 1994 when he was involved in an alcohol related car accident, which left him confined in a wheelchair. Terence is now a quadriplegic with what he describes as only having 7% use of his hands. 

 "This series includes my serious paintings and experimental paintings, you can see the difference between both kinds of paintings. My experimental paintings help to give my heart, mind, and spirit a break from the serious paintings. With the serious paintings, that is where I travel the most, I am competing with myself all the time."

 All COVID safety protocols will be put into place.


Walks with Buffalo

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